Amiri Capital

Amiri Shari’ah Stock Screening ‘S3’ Blackberry App released

Amiri S3 is Amiri Capital’s Shari'ah Screening System. The company says it is the first such system to have been issued a Fatwa on its own right. Amiri S3 is now downloadable as an application on to Blackberry phones. The application is an easy-to-use tool that allows Islamic investors worldwide to ascertain whether a particular stock can be invested in from a list of over 40,000 global stocks.

Olivant writes down Amiri Capital stake

Olivant Investments has written down the entire value of its 30 % stake in Amiri Capital, a company offering a Sharia compliant Hedge fund platform.

Amiri Capital works with NewEdge for Islamic Hedge Fund Prime Brokerage needs

Cecilia Valente reported on 9 March on Reuters that Amiri Capital, the Islamic asset manager backed by investment firm Olivant, has teamed up with broker Newedge to launch an Islamic fund of long/short hedge funds to be marketed in the Middle East. The Amiri Equity Alternative Strategies Fund (AEAS) will operate under the same Sharia-compliant structure agreed with original prime broker Lehman Brothers to replicate short selling, which involves profiting as a stock price falls.

Amiri co-founder Richard Ellis told Reuters that Gulf-based investors have pledged assets to the fund of funds but investments will be made when the market shows signs of improvement. Philippe Teilhard de Chardin, global head of prime brokerage at Newedge, told Reuters that the market segment is small but developing.

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