Introducing the Islamic Finance Chatbot: Financial Education in 100 Languages

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I am glad to announce the launch of the Islamic Finance Chatbot, a ChatGPT 4 tool trained on my German book, "Islam, Money and Prosperity," this chatbot answers questions on the content of Islamic wealth management in over 100 languages.

No longer non-German speakers need to wait to access the content. With support for over 100 languages, individuals from diverse backgrounds can gain Islamic personal finance education by Q&A in their preferred language. This inclusivity promotes financial literacy and empowers users to make informed decisions aligned with their values and goals. At this stage of development it is already a new world for financial education.

I am committed to serving the community and making knowledge accessible to all. That's why the Islamic Finance Chatbot is available free of charge until further notice. We value user feedback and encourage individuals to provide their insights and submit additional questions to enhance the chatbot's knowledge and capabilities. Interested sponsors are welcome. Likewise international publishers interested to translate the book itself and publish it in their country.
Accessing the Islamic Finance Chatbot is easy and convenient through our user-friendly website. Simply visit to engage in meaningful conversations and seek financial education that aligns with Islamic principles.

Last not least: AI is growing fast, but still the ChatGPT tends to invent sources and facts from time to time. Hence, it is not financial advice, nor one can absolutely rely on the answers as religious advice. What it does straightforward is to improve financial education and prepare informed discussions with experts like never before.

Let me know your thoughts and how you like it or which utterly wrong replies (or funny ones) are coming out of it.

Best regards,

Michael Gassner