German book on Islam, Money and Prosperity published

Islam, Money and Prosperity - the finance book from an Islamic perspective: Why does the ban on interest make sense? How does debt work for the poor and the rich? How does a Muslim deal with debt? Is wealth viewed positively or negatively? How to acquire, keep and spend money? What is money, what are crypto tokens? What are scholars' opinions on buying a house? What stocks are eligible? Are insurance policies compliant with Islam? How is the social tax zakat calculated? What are the aspects of estate planning and wills? For Muslims and all who are open and interested.

Michael Gassner lives and works in Geneva. He is the Head of Islamic finance of a Swiss private bank. He is also a member of the Sharia Board of Bosna Bank International in Sarajevo. After completing his banking education, he studied Arabic during his business studies (Diplom-Kaufmann) with a focus on finance, marketing and economic history. He spent his semester abroad in Damascus. After starting his career in the 'new economy', he worked as a financial consultant and specialized in Islamic finance. He immigrated to Switzerland from Jeddah, where he was in charge of Islamic product development at Bank Al Jazira.

You may download the table of contents, foreword and excerpt about Zakat on the link below (in German).

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