Connecting International Organisations with finance and of course, Islamic finance

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Sustainable Development Goals by the United Nations affect Geneva from two major players. The United Nations family being one of the major locations for it and the well known financial industry:

Geographically, on the Right Bank mainly, we have 34 international organizations, 175 state representations, 350 NGOs and about 30,000 jobs. This community has unparalleled know-how in health, development, environment, human rights, etc. Opposite, on the Left Bank we have 104 banks and many other financial intermediaries that generate more than 35'000 workstations. joined a forum held on June 29 in Geneva, under the joint sponsorship of Sustainable Finance Geneva (SFG), SDG Lab, the International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD) and the Canton of Geneva.

In Geneva and Switzerland, sustainable finance occupies a special place. According to Swiss Sustainable Finance's Swiss Sustainable Finance Report 2018, the total market for sustainable investment in Switzerland has increased by 82% since 2016 to CHF 390.6 billion. The amount of sustainable funds currently represents around 8.7% of the entire Swiss fund market.

This workshop was not intended to abstractly focus on the benefits of these SDGs in the area of sustainable finance. On the contrary, participants were led to develop concrete solutions to the challenges facing both international Geneva and financial Geneva.

Going forward we wish to maintain and extend the relationships and find Islamic finance solutions to SDG challenges ahead and being a connector between the two sides of the river in Geneva and the link to the Islamic finance industry abroad.

If you face a problem serving SDG and which could be solved with structured finance please let me know.

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