Birama Boubacar Sidibe

IDB - Islamic Development Bank : IDB Observes International Anti-Corruption Day

Marking the international anti-corruption day, IDB Vice-President (Operations) Mr. Birama Boubacar Sidibe reiterated the need to recognize fraud and corruption as one of the greatest obstacles to socio-economic development and undermining policies and projects aimed at alleviating poverty world-wide. He stated that the IDB Group takes pride that its policies and programs are in line with the core Islamic values of integrity, ethics and preventing fraud and corruption. The event was organized by IDB's Group Integrity Office (GIO) which holds annual awareness raising activities. In line with its fraud and corruption prevention mandate, the IDB Group has adopted several key anti-corruption policies and guidelines to fight corruption. A multi-lingual 24/7 "Speak-up Hotline" to report corruption is expected to be launched in IDB shortly.

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