Mohamed Gamil

Islamic Bank of Britain opts for more expensive Salesforce over Siebel and Dynamics

The Islamic Bank of Britain (IBB) has opted to integrate with its core banking systems in a bid to avoid costly and time-consuming upgrades that it would have faced if it had decided to roll-out on-premise solutions, such as Oracle Siebel or Microsoft Dynamics. Even though Salesforce is slightly more expensive over a three year Return on Investment (ROI) period, COO Mohamed Gamil believes that the benefits of a public cloud platform far outweigh the extra investment required. The Bank has just completed its third major project using the Salesforce platform, where it is now looking to bring on board as many systems as it can, so as to make application processes for online customers as seamless as posible. IBB went live with a new on-boarding application in January 2012, where it is now also integrated with the bank’s Misys platform using IFrame, so that existing customers can also take advantage of applying for new current accounts online using the Salesforce tools.

Put trust in the cloud says Islamic Bank of Britain COO

Banks should not be afraid to go further and faster in their adoption of cloud computing, according to Mohamed Gamil, chief operating officer at Islamic Bank of Britain. IBB currently has a deal with US cloud computing company Gamil said that the adoption of the cloud means that he is free to experiment with new ideas without spending millions of pounds up front. Islamic Bank of Britain originally turned to cloud computing for customer relationship management. It then decided to move sales management, customer on-boarding for current accounts and savings into the cloud. Finally in July 2013, Islamic mortgage alternatives were added to the cloud. The cloud idea is especially interesting for small banks which have to compete with the big players that spend hundreds of millions of pounds on IT every year.

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