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Free Ebook Tips the Scales at 800 Pages: Ethica's Islamic Finance Handbook Delivers

Ethica Institute of Islamic Finance decided to give over ninety percent of its content, the Handbook of Islamic Finance, free of charge. The 800 page ebook came out of the Certified Islamic Finance Executive program as a handy way for bankers and students to access everything in one place: contracts, articles, recommended readings, hundreds of answers to questions, and Dr. Usmani's entire Guide to Islamic Banking. Ethica's spokesperson said the ebook is designed to take a newcomer to Islamic finance through the basics of how a market works on principles of equity, trade, and leasing, without debt.

Ethica Institute of Islamic Finance Interviews Akhuwat, the World's First Completely Interest-Free Microfinance Program

Ethica Institute of Islamic Finance in Dubai interviewed Pakistan-based Akhuwat, a microfinance program that has given loans to over 1 million people, without charging interest. Akhuwat-founder Dr. Muhammad Amjad Saqib explained that they rely on 4 core principles: giving up interest, volunteerism, localization, and empowerment. Akhuwat started a decade ago with a $100 loan, and until now has dispersed $30 million. 99.8% of the loans were paid back in full. Dr. Saqib said that financial institutions began their activities on the basis of doubt, but they started their activities on the basis of trust.

Ethica Institute of Islamic Finance Expands with Islamic Finance Certification in Nigeria

Since the collaboration between the Ethica Institute of Islamic Finance and Haifx Consult is working properly, professionals mow have local access to global Islamic finance certification at subsidized rates. The partnership includes on-the-ground Islamic finance learning centers and mentorship programs. More than half of Nigeria's population of 150 million are Muslim, which explains the striving for growth in the field of Islamic finance in the country.

Financial Inclusion for Muslims in India: How Can Islamic Finance Help?

Ethica Institute of Islamic Finance in partnership with Infinity Consultants recently released a live talk titled "Achieving Financial Inclusion for Muslims in India - How Can Islamic Finance Help?" It is held by Saif Ahmed, Managing Partner at Infinity Consultants. The webinar introduces a completely new dimension to the topic of financial inclusion in India for Muslims. Saif Ahmed pointed out that the Muslim's requirements for Islamic financial products and services have been absent from discussions and policy initiatives even though the government strongly pushes towards financial inclusion.

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