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"World's First Global Islamic Asset Manager Receives Shari'a Certification from Shariyah Review Bureau"

Safa Investment Services received this week its official certification for Shari'a compliance from Shariyah Review Bureau. It makes Safa Investment Services the first Islamic global asset management business in the world. Safa permits customers to benefit from global asset diversification of their managed accounts, but with a complete respect for the principles of Islamic law. This includes not only selecting securities that meet global regulatory standards, but also the process to manage accounts and the contracts under which they are managed.

World’s First Global Islamic Wealth And Asset Management Brand "SAFA" Launched By The Investor For Securities Company

Safa Investment Services - a global Islamic asset manager in in the Gulf region - was launched by Investor for Securities Company. The grand ceremony was held in Four Seasons Hotel, Al Riyadh, on the 8th of October 2012. According to the manager of Safa Investment Services, Mr. John Sandwick, professionally managed assets around the world are worth nearly $80 trillion. Muslims are in possession of about $3 trillion of them. Surprisingly, a huge extent of the money was not invested compliant with Shariah principles. It is a goal of Safa to provide Sharia-compliant investing opportunities and to produces profits larger than those of conventional investing.


Event marks opening of world’s first global Islamic asset manager

Riyadh, 8 October 2012: The Four Seasons Hotel in downtown Riyadh will be the site of the grand opening launch ceremonies for Safa Investment Services on 8 October 2012. The event will include presentations from leading specialists in Saudi banking and finance.

Safa Investment Services is the newest part of the growing financial market activities at The Investor for Securities (“The Investor”), a CMA-licensed investment company founded in 2007 in Riyadh. Over the last two years The Investor has become what is considered the most profitable investment company in Saudi Arabia, with now over $1 billion in total Assets Under Management (“AUM”).


Launch of world’s first Islamic global asset manager

Safa Investment Services is going to launch world's first Islamic global asset management company due to growing demand from wealthy Muslim investors that are seeking a dedicated asset manager to look at their investments.

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Global demand for Islamic bonds or Sukuk will grow three-fold

According to a study of Ernst and Young, there will be three times higher demand for Islamic bonds (or Sukuk) till 2017. It is also assumed that this year could be the biggest year for Sukuk as the supply is close to demand. The Continuing standardization by Islamic finance organizations should help Sukuk securities to grow in long-term, analysts says.

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New internship to analyze sector with over $270 billion in estimated assets

Riyadh, 20 July 2012: Today a multinational group of companies dedicated to the Islamic banking industry announced the first nominee for the Islamic Banking & Finance internship, cosponsored by Bank of London & the Middle East ( in London, Wafi International in Riyadh ( and Safa Investment Services ( in Geneva and Riyadh.

Thomas R. Woods, graduating end 2012 from Durham University (U.K.) with a Master’s degree in Islamic Finance, was chosen to serve for six months. Fluent in Arabic, Mr. Woods will focus first on global capital markets and professional asset management from the BLME offices in London, and then will conduct the first-ever study of historic investment returns at Islamic endowments (awqaf) at the Safa offices in Riyadh. Wafi will supervise Mr. Woods’ work in Saudi Arabia.

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