Abdellatif Jouahri

#Morocco's Islamic 'Participatory' Banks: 71 Agencies and MAD 1.1 Billion in Loans

Since the launch of Islamic 'participatory' banks in July 2017, more than 71 agencies have joined the non-interest banking program throughout Morocco. Abdellatif Jouahri, the governor of Bank Al Maghrib (Morocco’s central bank), said the participatory banks have granted a total of MAD 1.1 billion in loans. Jouahri highlighted the special interest that murabaha is especially attractive for both real estate and automobile customers. The governor stressed that Morocco is preparing to issue its first sukuk in July 2018, which will complement the services offered by participatory banks. While the order approving the takaful circular has already been finalized, the legislative texts are still being finalized.

La première émission de #sukuks aura lieu le 15 septembre prochain

Abdellatif Jouahri, gouverneur de Bank Al-Maghrib, a annoncé la première émission de sukuks aura lieu le 15 septembre prochain. Après le lancement en mai dernier de Umnia Bank, Attijariwafa bank a présenté dernièrement à la presse sa nouvelle banque participative, Bank Assafa. Cinq banques participatives ont été agréées par Bank Al-Maghrib en début d’année. BMCE Bank of Africa s’est associée à Al Baraka Banking Group du Bahreïn, la Banque centrale populaire (BCP) au groupe saoudien Guidance Financial Group, et le Crédit Agricole du Maroc à l’Islamic Corporation for the Development of the Private Sector (ICD).

Islamic banking may enter Morocco

The vote of Morocco's parliament on the new draft banking law will take place in September. A chapter of the new law concerns Islamic banking. It is expexted, that in the very near future, Islamic banking will start in the country, already there are investors for the sector. A boost to Sharia-compliant finance is discussed.

Morocco to promote Islamic finance

The issue of Islamic finance has taken centre stage in Morocco following the Justice and Development Party's (PJD) electoral triumph. The PJD has talked of promoting Islamic finance on a number of occasions.
Bank Al-Maghrib Governor Abdellatif Jouahri stated last month that Morocco was interested in Islamic finance and viewed the idea of creating Islamic banks as part of the new financial platform in Casablanca. The new banking law will include a chapter on finance to meet the demands of sharia law.
However, according to economist Slimi Noureddine, the political will to promote Islamic finance is lacking. He underlined the idea that Morocco should take the matter in hand to benefit from Arab investment, particularly from the Gulf states.

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