Alkhair International Islamic Bank Malaysia

Alkhair International looking to buy bank in Malaysia

Alkhair International Islamic Bank Malaysia is asking approval from Bank Negara Malaysia to begin talks to obtain a Malaysian bank. The reason seems to be the fact that this will permit them to affirm into the ringgit business.
Alkhair International posesses a licence to carry out Islamic banking business in non-ringgit currencies.

New global brand identity for leading Islamic investment bank

Unicorn Investment Bank launches its new brand identity, as it has now officially changed its name to Bank Alkhair B.S.C. (c). The Bank’s subsidiaries in Saudi Arabia, Malaysia and Turkey will now officially perform under the names Alkhair Capital Saudi Arabia, Alkhair International Islamic Bank Malaysia and Alkhair Capital Turkey respectively.
Furthermore, the bank presented a streamlined and more modern logo and brand elements, in keeping with Bank Alkhair’s re-aligned and more focused approach and operating strategy.

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