Abdul Rahman Al Baker

Bahrain: Bid to up takaful profitability

According to expectations, the measures introduced to bring the rules on takaful insurance up to date and expand them will be of help to the efforts of the segment to make inroads into the market share. The first Islamic policy writer opened in 1989, which, compared to other countries in the Gulf region and Asia, is very early. However, although Bahrain was working on becoming an insurance and takaful centre in the region, it is still necessary to strengthen its position. This could be accomplished by developing the Kingdom's human resources pool through advanced training programmes.

Islamic investment grows to over $1.5 trillion said Al Baker

Compliant products globally, including equities that conform with Islamic principles, sukuk and Islamic funds, stands at over $1.5 trillion.
Abdul Rahman Al Baker, the Executive Director of Financial Institutions Supervision, Central Bank of Bahrain (CBB), stated that Islamic asset management industry is an area that has become larger to an increasingly substantial segment within the financial markets. He also added that Islamic financial products symbolize a class of investment which is adressed to those looking for a socially responsible or ethical investments.

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