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#Qatar has ninth-strongest Islamic finance industry

The state of Qatar lists rank nine this year on the annually published Islamic Finance Country Index. The index is part of the Global Islamic Finance Report 2017 and was compiled by London-based Islamic finance consultant firm Edbiz Consulting. Qatar’s ranking is testament to its solid Islamic finance industry which is built upon solely fully-fledged Islamic banks. The country with the world’s strongest Islamic finance industry remains Malaysia, followed by Iran, Saudi Arabia, UAE and Kuwait. This is the second year in a row that Malaysia has been in the top position, taking over from Iran in 2016. According to Edbiz CEO Sofiza Azmi, in the list of 48 countries, there are 14 that saw a decrease in their scores. Among the 13 countries that improved their ranking, Tunisia took the biggest leap. Other big gainers are Pakistan and Kazakhstan. The report concludes that the ranking suggests that countries with large Muslim populations are the future frontiers for growth in Islamic banking and finance.

Global Islamic Wealth Management Industry Faces Trust Deficit

A global survey on the Knowledge, Attitude and Practices (KAP) of the Global Islamic Wealth Management Industry conducted by Edbiz Consulting revealed that the global Islamic wealth management industry is facing a trust deficit that is hampering the growth of the industry. 48% of the respondents said they have never used any Islamic wealth management products and services, citing lack of understanding, lack of trust and preference to manage own wealth as reasons for not subscribing. Dr Sofiza Azmi, Group CEO of HD-Edbiz Group of Companies highlighted that 40% of Islamic wealth is concentrated in non-Muslim countries.

Edbiz consulting collaborates with labuan ibfc to produce islamic wealth management report 2015

London-based Islamic finance advisory firm, Edbiz Consulting, has partnered with Labuan International Business and Financial Centre (Labuan IBFC) to produce an Islamic Wealth Management Report (IWMR) to be published in the last quarter of 2015. The report will explore the growth and Islamic wealth, highlighting its concentration in different regions, providing crucial business intelligence to supply-side leaders and potential clients of the Islamic wealth management industry. In addition, different Islamic wealth management solutions will be analysed, with a focus on Islamic philanthropy and social responsibility.

Edbiz Consulting publishes third Global Islamic Finance Report

The third annual Global Islamic Finance Report (GIFR) 2012 was made in association with the Saudi-based National Commercial Bank and Malaysian-based CIMB Islamic and some other partners in Islamic banking and finance industry. The report is composed of in depth research and analysis on the Islamic financial industry.
After the success of the previous two GIFRs, the GIFR 2012 persists its objective of informing readers about the current state of the international Islamic finance market.
A unique characteristic of the GIFR 2012 is its special focus on social responsibility and philanthropy. The core section of the GIFR 2012 is outlined into three virtual themes revolving around social responsibility and philanthropy.

Oman Islamic Economic Forum to be held in December

Amjaad Development and London based Edbiz Consulting are collaborators on Oman’s first Islamic finance conference that is going to be held in December 2011.
Khalid Al Yahmadi has the strong oppinion that Islamic finance is desired by the majority of Omanis and that together with government support, it have a rapid growth.

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