United Arab Emirates to invest in Serbian agriculture

Al Dahra, an Abu Dhabi-based company, announced the investment of around 200 million Euros in Serbia's agriculture. 100 million Euros will be invested in the new irrigation system in order to boost production, and 100 million in the takeover of 80 percent stake in eight state-controlled agricultural companies. The investment in irrigation is expected to pay off in three to five years.

Saudi investors to boost Bosnia ties

IDB Group President Ahmad Mohamed Ali has invited the business communities from IDB member countries to take part in the Sarajevo Business Forum 2011 in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.
The forum will offer businessmen an opportunity to network and establish business relations with their counterparts in Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, Montenegro and Macedonia, Ali told a press conference organized on the sidelines of Jeddah Economic Forum at the Jeddah Hilton on Monday.

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