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Mideast Banks Show Interest In Indonesian Shariah Financers

The Central bank of Indonesia estimates that the nation’s Islamic assets will improve by 55% this year.
That's why Albaraka Banking Group and Qatar Islamic Bank have a goal: to produce Shariah-compliant financers in Indonesia.
Chief executive Adnan Ahmed Yousif pointed out that Albaraka is ready to spend $100 million on an acquisition.
Indonesia has 11 full-fledged Islamic lenders and 23 other banks that offer Islamic services. The government want to begin selling short-term Islamic treasury bills for the first time in the second half of the year.

Indonesia’s Sharia Banking Assets to Get triple by 2013

The Central Bank of Indonesia has an aim: to create a strong sharia banking industry by 2015. This development strategy, as well as a broader sharia religious revival in the country that is helping to increase the popularity of sharia banking products, will lead to continuous strong growth in this sector during the forecast period.

The assets of sharia banks in Indonesia are anticipated to reach around Rp 399.6 Trillion in 2013 over Rp 107.1 Trillion in 2010.

Editorial Note: The news is linked to an outdated report: "Publish Date: Feb, 2009"

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