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Thrust Fund - a fresh approach for unrestricted Mudaraba in Social Investments

Dear Readers,

Would you ever imagine an investor giving you an amount X to participate at a percentage of your lifelong income?

This is what the Thrust Fund suggests:

"Here's how it works:

Thrust Funders learn about Entrepreneurs.

When the Funder sees an Entrepreneur of interest, she or he submits an inquiry to that Entrepreneur and coordinates a time and manner to discuss passions, plans, and pursuits.

When a Thrust Funder decides to support an Entrepreneur, she or he may negotiate exactly what that support will look like. "

The sample contract is shown here:

The investment is done one to one, no diversification like usually with a fund concept. The current entrepreneurs seeking finance are shown here:

Could such a model work in the Muslim world? Any Sharia restrictions to be imposed for the sake of justice?

Let's start thinking!

Best regards,

Michael Saleh Gassner

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