The Board of the Capital Market Authority Announces the Approval of the Public Offering of Saudi Electricity Company's Sukuk

The CMA Board has issued its resolution approving the offering of Saudi Electricity Company's sukuk. The total offering size will be determined at a later stage by the Company. The prospectus will be published to the investors in due course.



The Saudi Stock Exchange (Tadawul) announces the suspension and delisting of Saudi Basic Industries Corp Sukuk 3

The Saudi Stock Exchange (Tadawul) announces that the suspension of Saudi Basic Industries Corp Sukuk 3 took place on Monday 15/04/2013 based upon the CMA approval of Saudi Basic Industries Corp. request to purchase (redeem) the SABIC SUKUK 3 issue. Accordingly, the SUKUK will be delisted from the Saudi Stock Exchange (Tadawul) on Wednesday 15/05/2013.



The Capital Market Authority approves the capital increase request for Bank Albilad through issuance of bonus shares

The CMA Board has issued its resolution approving Bank Albilad’s request to increase its capital from SAR (3,000,000,000) to SAR (4,000,000,000) through issuance of bonus shares. One bonus share will be issued for every (3) existing shares owned by the shareholders who are registered in the shareholders registry at the close of trading on the day of the extraordinary general assembly. Such increase will be paid by transferring an amount of SAR (1,000,000,000) from retained earnings account to the Company's capital. Consequently, increasing the Company's outstanding shares from (300,000,000) shares to (400,000,000) shares, by an increase of (100,000,000) shares.



Announcement from the Capital Market Authority regarding the listing of the First Issue of Saudi ORIX Leasing Company’s Sukuk

According to an announcement by the Capital Market Authority, the listing and trading of the initial issue of Saudi ORIX Leasing Company’s Sukuk will take place on Sunday, January 13th 2013. Its symbol will be 1031.



CMA announces the approval of offering of investment fund

CMA Board of Commissioners' resolution concerning its approval for Alinma Investment Company's offer of "Alinma Multi Assets Defensive Fund" and "Alinma Multi Assets Aggressive Fund" has been issued.



Capital Market Authority announcement regarding the Public Offering of Saudi ORIX Leasing Company’s Sukuk

The resolution of the CMA Board of their approval of the offering of Saudi ORIX Leasing Company’s sukuk has been issued. The total size of the offering has not been determined yet, this will be done at a later stage by the company. It is soon expected for the prospectus to be made public.



CMA Approved Saudi Hollandi Bank’s Request for SUKUK Public Offering

In continuation of its efforts to develop and diversify investment channels in the capital markets via offers of securities, the Capital Market Authority (CMA) approved Saudi Hollandi Bank’s request to offer SUKUK. Of which the value will be determined at a later stage by the company.



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