Amanie plans sukuk for Australian business

Amanie Advisors Australia Pte Ltd, which is part of the Malaysian Amanie Advisors Group, has proposed to raise multiple short-term sukuk to cover Australia’s manufacturing ecosystem as part of the strategy to win funds from the Gulf area. Amanie founder and group chairman Dr Mohd Daud Bakar said the structures used in Islamic finance transactions mirror very closely the types of funding that are currently in demand in Australia, particular with respect to real economic activity which include leasing, financing of mining activities and farming. Amanie's idea involves funding from the whole value chain of any business, for examples electricity production. This is a totally new way of approach in the Islamic finance industry, which seems to have been well accepted in Australia. The short-term sukuk will involve the banks in the value chain, reduce the dependency of farmers and producers from conventional or private funds though the risk is quite high but the third party acts as the underwriter.