HSBC offers Shariah-compliant corporate banking in new countries

Companies in Bahrain and Bangladesh can choose now to use either conventional or Shariah-compliant banking products and services from HSBC. HSBC Amanah has launched a range of products and services to meet the banking needs of corporates in these countries.
Begining with this December, the following HSBC Amanah corporate banking products are available in Bahrain:
- Business accounts: Funds deposited are used only in a Shariah-compliant manner and customers get related facilities such as cheque books, debit cards and internet banking
- Investment solutions: Meets investors’ short-term investment needs in a Shariah-compliant manner
- Working capital finance solutions: Short to medium-term financing solutions for working capital and liquidity needs based on goods or commodity Murabaha concepts
- Trade finance solutions: Meet the importer's trade and finance requirements based on Murabaha