#Nigeria: How #Islamic #Finance Can Stimulate #Economic #Recovery'

Regarding its economic situation and the quest for a solution in Nigeria, Islamic Finance is believed to be able to redeem it because of the ethical and moral values within the Islamic banking system.
Alhaji Sulaimon Yusuf, who spoke at the Muslim Association of Nigeria 34th Triennial National Conference in Lagos, said that Islamic finance is playing an important role in promoting socially desirable investments, economic empowerment, employment opportunities and resuscitation of real sector of economy. Further he said: "We have confidence in the economic packages and policies of the present administration and feel that a lot more needs to be done to alleviate the suffering of the masses"
Dr. Tajudeen Yusuf said the theme of the event is timely and Nigeria are quick concern about the state of affair economically and they want Islamic perspective because it the only instrument that can rejuvenate, redevelop and revitalize the nation's damaged economy. "It is Allah our creator that designed the platform for us. The best proof is the recent 100 billion Sukuk bond lunched by the Federal government of Nigeria which is just a tip of the ice bag in all the benefit Nigeria as a Nation can benefit from Islamic Finance"
He urged all Muslims to open an account with existing financial institutions so that Islamic finance will grow and the awareness will spread. He said the opportunities in Islamic finance is not religious bias, you can be a non Muslim you can participate in Islamic Finance, you will be treated as a Muslim. "We should all support Islamic Finance and it will grow Nigeria economy.“