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The fintech event, held earlier this month, was organised by GlassQube and Startup Weekend, a global movement coordinated by TechStars and supported by Google for Entrepreneurs, with the support of Abu Dhabi Global Market, Abu Dhabi’s financial free zone and financial regulator, and Temenos, a global financial software vendor. It brought together more than 100 developers, designers and aspiring entrepreneurs – many of are at university and some still at school – and challenged them to build a functional minimum viable product.
"We took those products and judged them based on their technical aspects, their commercial viability, how thoughtful those teams were about what is the actual potential of these products and services to find a market," says Bernard Lee, GlassQube’s chief executive and a co-founder.
"What’s important here is that it’s not just an idea. It is how do we take this idea and how do we actually convert it into something that is real? Something that shows how a consumer base can potentially interact with this particular application."

Temenos Continues to Show Strength in Islamic Banking

Temenos revealed that United Installment Sales Co. Ltd. (UIS) and Lexus & Daihatsu in Saudi Arabia, has signed an agreement to utilise Temenos’ market leading core banking solution, T24, for its Islamic Real Estate Financing & Vehicle Leasing transactions.
The latest version of T24 contains significant enhancements that allow Temenos to improve its Islamic Banking offering, including Sharia-compliant automated workflows, permitting Islamic Banks to streamline processes such as booking Murabaha, Mudaraba, Istisnaa or Ijara contracts with enhanced operational efficiency.

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