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Islamic Finance in Indonesia: Past, Present and Future

This insight aims to highlight new rules governing the Islamic finance sector in Indonesia and the enhanced role of the National Shariah Board, to set out the current state of the market including opportunities for foreign investment and to trace the roots of the industry in the country with the world’s largest Muslim population. Driven by government influence and foreign investor interest, Islamic finance looks set to become a more meaningful part of Indonesia’s financial industry. The Islamic finance model that is developed in Indonesia is likely to be a hybrid between the Malaysian and Middle Eastern approaches.

Islamic Finance in Germany: Roundtable Report

On 4 June 2013, Rüdiger von Hülst and Matthias Grund of the Berlin and Frankfurt offices of international law firm K&L Gates hosted a roundtable in relation to the future role of Islamic finance in the German economy. Represented at the roundtable were representatives from the investment management, banking, legal, academic and diplomatic communities. One of the general findings was that there has been an increasing depth and breadth of experience in the UK from which Germany could benefit. However, current activity in Islamic finance in Germany is still nascent. There are several possible areas for the expansion of Islamic finance in Germany, such as investments in the healthcare sector and municipal owned real estate. Islamic finance would offer various advantages like diversification of financing sources, or attracting foreign direct investments. For more information on the roundtable, please see the attachment.

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