Faisal Private Bank

Ithmaar to convert Swiss unit into family office

According to a recent announcement by Ithmaar Bank, it will convert the banking licence of its wholly-owned subsidiary in Switzerland, Faisal Private Bank, to a family office. The decision to make such a conversion includes focusing on the further development of Ithmaar Bank's core business of retail and commercial banking. The conversion will be compatible with the interests of the clients and stakeholders. The format of Ithmaar Bank's presence in Switzerland is to be approved in due course by the Swiss financial services regulator.

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Faisal Private Bank appoints new CEO

Geneva-based Faisal Private Bank announced it had appointed Swiss national Mark Koch to replace outgoing Chief Executive Marco Rochat from Jan. 1 with a mandate to broaden the Islamic finance focus of the bank.

CEO Faisal Private Bank ask for harmonization of Sharia standards

Faisal Private Bank's Chief Executive, Marco Rochat, said the absence of a global set of harmonised rules on sharia compliance created an unlevel playing field, reported Martin de Sa'Pinto on Reuters. Faisal Private Bank adivses on nearly USD 500 mn.

Annual General Meeting Shamil Bank

Shamil Bank has taken over Faisal Private Bank in Switzerland completely and is itself is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ithmaar Bank. Shamil Bank also acquired a 34 % stake in takaful company Solidarity.

Shamil Bank reported USD 66.8 mn in total income, and a net profit of USD 22.8 mn last year during their Annual General Meeting.

Faisal Al Alwan is the CEO of Shamil Bank.

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