Amlak Finance Jordan

Amlak Finance to Pay $33 Million Coupon on January 18 for 2010 Sukuk

Dubai-based mortgage lender Amlak Finance will make its semi-annual coupon payment for its 2010 Sukuk on January 18.

Amlak Finance Jordan reducing its capital

The board of Amlak Finance Jordan decided to reduce its capital to 1 mn Jordinian Dinar in order to preserve the rights of the shareholders, and in consideration of the global financial crisis, which hit specifically the mortgage markets.

The main investors in the company are cited, that the decision on this specific sector does not preclude high confidence in the Jordanian investment environment and the strength of the Jordanian economy, which is less affected by the crisis than other region and stressing that their investments in other crucial sectors in the Kingdom are still ongoing according to plans.

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