Abdullah Ensour

Stakeholders hopeful Islamic sukuk will help revive economy

Jordan's Prime Minister Abdullah Ensour on Thursday acted as patron at a ceremony to launch a historic piece of legislation regulating the Islamic sukuk. The prime minister described the Islamic Sukuk Law as a milestone in Jordan's financial and economic history, noting that launching these items of legislation is the final step in building the pillars of finance compatible with Sharia. He also noted that the government will use sukuk to finance its productive projects, especially those in partnership with the private sector. The Jordan Securities Commission (JSC), Amman Stock Exchange (ASE) and the Securities Depository Centre are now ready to receive orders for issuing sukuk for the public and private sectors.

Jordan Government reveals plans for new SME bank

Jordan Prime Minister Abdullah Ensour reportedly said that the Government is discussing plans to establish a state-owned bank that would offer low cost credit facilities to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). The proposed bank would not accept deposits but would operate on similar lines to the former Industrial Development Bank (IDB) with the aim of boosting SMEs and the broader industrial sector. The IDB was sold and now operates as the Shari’ah-compliant Jordan Dubai Islamic Bank. The Jordan Government aims to be the largest shareholder in the proposed bank but has indicated that international and regional financial institutions would be interested to become partners.

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