International Road Transport Union

IRU - International Road Transport Union : Islamic Development Bank, Arab transport industry and IRU pool resources for more growth and prosperity in the Arab World

At the 7th IRU Euro-Asian Road Transport Conference, the IRU, the Islamic Development Bank (IDB) and the Arab Union of Land Transport (AULT) unveiled the results of their 18-month joint project, aimed at achieving more trade and profitability, safer roads and faster border control procedures to help the economic integration of the Arab world at regional and global level. The project revolved around three main components: the development of professional training, a Truck Accident Causation Feasibility Study, and the implementation of a road transport facilitation strategy. An appropriate legal framework to effectively facilitate road transport is a prerequisite, as well as the removal of non-physical barriers, such as customs procedures formalities. The development of manager and driver professional training at the international standards was also identifies as key to effectively increase the industry's efficiency and safety.

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