Zakat House

KFH donates KD 6 mln to Zakat House

Zakat House Director General Ibrahim Al-Saleh applauded Kuwait Finance House’s support to Zakat House to execute charitable projects that serve the community. Al-Saleh praised, during receiving a cheque with a value of KD 5,878,129 million from KFH’s Chief Executive Officer, Mazin Saad Al-Nahedh, KFH for collaborating with Zakat House which contributes to accomplish the goal of encouraging charity and the spread of meanings of brotherhood among various segments of the society. It’s worth noting that the donated value will be distributed to help the poor families in Kuwait, to support charity committees and societies working in the field of humanitarian aid and to execute pro bono projects as per the rules and regulations of Zakat House.

Kuwait Finance House donates KD8.8m to Zakat House

Zakat House General Manager Abdul Qader Al-Ojail asserted that Kuwait Finance House (KFH) is known for supporting the community, and is considered to be one of the authority's main partners in charity. Al-Ojail received two cheques with a total value of KD8.8m from KFH's Chairman Mohammed Al-Khodairi, in order to financially support Zakat House charitable projects and activities. Al-Khodairi said that KFH's priority is to contribute to the success of Kuwait development projects and to serve the society, in addition to supporting projects executed by official charity institutions.

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