Kuwait Finance House Turkey

KFH-Turkey issues #sukuk for TL 300m – Issuance highest amount in domestic market

Kuwait Finance House Turkey has realized a sukuk issuance of 300 million TL with tenure of 179 days, exceeding its own previous record breaking sukuk issuance of TL 200 million on Nov 13, 2015. According to CEO Ufuk Uyan the bank will continue similar public offerings in the future. The first lease yield shall be made on Aug 11, 2016, while the second on Nov 8, 2016 at the end of the maturity, together with principal sums. So far, KFH-Turkey has issued lease certificates of a total of TL 7,2 billion in domestic and overseas markets.

Al-Omar: KFH Turkey TL250m profits for 2012

Kuwait Finance House (KFH) Turkey maintained its growth in 2012 and increased its profits to TL250m, 28% increase compared to 2011, according to KFH CEO and KFH - Turkey Chairman Mohammed Sulaiman Al-Omar. Moreover, the bank increased its assets by 27% to TL19bn and its loans by 14% to TL12bn and capital adequacy ratio stood at about 14%. He added that the results achieved were in accordance with the plans, targeted shares, development projects and restructuring programme. The bank also targeted markets in the neighboring countries of Turkey and enhance cooperation and partnership relations with many economic and commercial activities, as well as presenting new products.

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