Thanin Angsuwarangsi

Finance to investigate former bank chief

The Finance Ministry has set up a committee to investigate the past work of former president of Islamic Bank of Thailand, Thanin Angsuwarangsi. Finance Permanent Secretary Areepong Bhoocha-oom said that the investigation will focus on employees’ petitions, which must be clarified though Thanin already resigned. Thanin's resignation after only six months in office followed employees' pressure. Over 1,400 employees signed the petition to the board, saying that a number of the president's decisions caused damage to the bank.

Islamic Bank's president resigns

Thanin Angsuwarangsi has tendered his resignation as the president of Islamic Bank of Thailand, only after six months in office. The bank’s board of directors announced that his resignation has been approved. Thanin’s decision followed employees’ pressure. Over 1,400 employees signed the petition to the board, saying that a number of the president’s decisions caused damage to the bank. Among the allegations, Thanin was alleged of ordering bank executives to cancel a lending and loan disbursement procedure, which affected borrowers financially and resulted in higher non-performing loans. The employees pointed out that the bank’s NPLs rose from Bt24 billion in November 2012 to over Bt38 billion in April 2013.

Beef-noodle franchise to sue Islamic Bank manager

The company owning the "Chaichana Halal" beef-noodle franchise has filed a lawsuit against Islamic Bank of Thailand manager Thanin Angsuwarangsi at Bangkok's Ratchadapisek Criminal Court yesterday. This was after the manager allegedly failed to approve loans for its franchisees, despite signing a previous MoU agreeing to loan cash to 50,000 franchise applicants over five years. Chana Rattanapakdi, executive of Tha Pisut International that owns the franchise business, accused Thanin of abusing his authority and causing damage to others according to the Criminal Code's Article 157. The court will hear the case on July 15 at 1.30pm.

Thai Islamic Bank asserts financial strength despite soaring NPLs

A senior Islamic Bank of Thailand (IBank) executive has affirmed that the bank’s financial status and liquidity are normal despite its non-performing loans (NPLs) at Bt39 billion, 20 per cent of its total lending. Thanin Angsuwarangsi, IBank manager, said Bt24.3 billion debts are being negotiated by the bank and debtors and the majority are willing to discuss debt resolution on the NPLs with the bank. After a restructuring of IBank’s role, it will emphasise giving loans to Muslim Thai people and small-time business operators. Mr Thanin believed the problem of Bt39 billion NPLs will be solved in three years, adding that IBank officers who are found to unscrupulously offer loans to customers will be legally dealt with.

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