UAE firm partners Gates Foundation in health initiative

According to an announcement, Al Ansari Exchange and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation will sign a partnership of $10 million (Dh36.72 million). The partnership aims to support two significant health issues: polio eradication and treatment and prevention of neglected tropical diseases (NTDs). The agreement will start with an initial co-funded contribution of $4 million in support of polio eradication activities in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Prevention and treatment of NTDs in sub-Saharan Africa is planned as well. The partnership initiatives shall represent focused, strategic philanthropy and have a strong positive effect on the life of people in the poorest countries.

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IDB joins call for polio eradication

IDB's president, Mohamed Ali, have urged for global solidarity in fight against polio. The bank is working on new financial package for the government of Pakistan that should help to finance polio eradicatoin activities in the country. IDB intends to provide similar grant to Afganistan that is same as Pakistan highly affected by this horrible disease.

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