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GCC boards identify risk management as key issue in company governance

BDI's 2015 Promoting Professional Directorship report reveals that over 40 % of GCC board members surveyed would like to see more audit and risk management expertise at the board level
Risk management, along with succession planning, strategy and the role of the chairman, were the topics covered at BDI's Mastering the Boardroom Workshop held this week In Riyadh in partnership with J.P. Morgan
Following the last financial crisis and with the current economic climate, companies have been paying more attention to risk management. Boards play a crucial role in risk oversight, however, not enough board directors in the Gulf region are aware of and have clear visibility on the top risks facing the company according to the GCC Board Directors Institute (BDI)'s recent survey on board effectiveness.

Source gold ETP finds eager Europe, Mideast takers

The euro zone crisis has constrained investment in gold-backed exchange-traded assets so high that newcomer Source now owns the world's sixth largest physically-backed gold product and sees no need to promote it actively outside Europe and the Middle East.
It is owned by major investment banks BofA Merrill Lynch., Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan, Morgan Stanley and Nomura.

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