Saturna Capital Corporation

US' biggest Islamic fund to launch first plan here

US-based Islamic stock fund manager Saturna Capital Corp is selling its first plan in Malaysia, betting that Southeast Asian equities will weather a global emerging-market rout. The company, which has US$4.1 billion (RM13.6 billion) of assets under management globally, wants to raise RM100 million in the Malaysian fund's first year. The vehicle will invest in syariah-compliant companies in the region, focusing on building-material, healthcare and consumer stocks. The new ringgit-denominated fund will target local and overseas high net worth individuals and institutional investors. The outlook for Islamic fund management in Malaysia is still good, after a constant growth at an average rate of 25 per cent a year since 2009.

Amana Income Fund turns 25, is second largest US Islamic equity mutual fund

Saturna Capital Corporation fullfills 25 years of Amana Income Fund, that has now reached $1.3 billion. The sister fund Amana Growth is the largest such fund at $1.9 billion in assets and is also managed by Saturna.
Amana Income's 25-year run is rare in the US mutual fund industry.
The Amana Income Fund has been given three Lipper Best Fund Awards: for the three-year period ended 31 December 2006, among 180 equity income funds; and for the three-year and five-year periods ended 31 December 2007, among 198 and 135 equity income funds.
The Fund has also welcomed five Failaka Islamic Fund awards in various categories over the past few years: three Best US Islamic Fund awards in 2008 (sweeping the one-, three- and five-year periods); Best Global Equity Fund in 2009 (for the three-year period); and Best Global Equity Fund again in 2010 (for the five-year period).

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