Hisham Al Rayes

Boost for GFH Capital

GFH Capital, a fully-owned subsidiary of Bahrain-based Gulf Finance House, yesterday announced the acquisition of a prime central London residential property. Located in Kensington, the property is a Grade II listed building, overlooking the Queens Gate Gardens. GFH Capital expects above average capital appreciation to continue over the medium term. Demand for this type of property is reportedly coming from investors all over the world. However, the firm also sees value and upside potential in other real estate markets such as the US and expects to make additional investments in these markets as well.

Bahrain's GFH names Rayes as permanent CEO - statement

Gulf Finance House , the Bahrain-based investment firm which has restructured a number of debt facilities since the financial crisis, has confirmed Hisham Al Rayes as its chief executive officer. Rayes had been acting CEO since March 2012. He said in July that a leaner balance sheet and a new strategy in which it engaged more in its investments would help drive the business forward in future. Its current debt pile is less than $235 million.

Bahrain's GFC formulates new business model

The Gulf Finance House of Bahrain said that it is hoping to receive more active investments to salvage the investment firm's falling figures. A new business model was proposed which consists of new strategy calls such as better involvement with the investments that the firm creates, and better decision making on projects which are in development. Previously, the GFC passed such projects to third party developers without considering to halt their completion. The firm's acting chief executive Hisham Al Rayes said that they were now looking at fundamentals and more calculated risks. Instead of using sub-developers the company is now going vertical in the development of its projects.

GFH net profit soars 50pc to $1.5 million

Bahrain-based Islamic investment bank Gulf Finance House (GFH) reported a 50 per cent increase in net profit at $1.5 million for the first quarter this year. Total income for the period was at $11.1m. Income was primarily from fees from funds under management and a profit of $4.9m from repurchase of debts at discount. The bank's strategy of streamlined operations continued to bear results with a 30pc reduction in operating costs for the current quarter at $8.3m compared with $11.9m in first quarter of last year. GFH acting chief executive Hisham Al Rayes said GFH Capital undertook due diligence on a number of potential strategic investors for Leeds United FC and exit arrangements for Mega City Navi Mumbai focusing on profitable growth.

Gulf Finance House Q2 net loss of $11.23M -statement

Gulf Finance House established a net loss of $11.23 million in the second quarter due to higher finance expenses and the impact of exchange rates.
Hisham Al Rayes, chief investment officer at GFH, stated that they are expecting a larger contribution to the income from our subsidiaries and associates, particularly Khaleeji Commercial Bank and G Capital.

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