Darmin Nasution

Islamic finance to increase female economic participation: Minister

According to #Indonesian Economic Coordinating Minister Darmin Nasution, the development of the country’s sharia finance industry will increase female participation in the economy. He said Indonesian fashion and halal cosmetics were among the well-performing industries and most businesspeople in the two industries were women. Indonesia is one of the top five Islamic fashion industries in the world, with a total spending of US$12.7 billion annually. It is also in the world's top five regarding the sharia cosmetics/pharmaceutical industry with an average spending of $4.8 billion per year, according to data from Bank Indonesia (BI). BI deputy governor Hendar said inspite of the global slowdown, Indonesia's sharia industry was still giving positive signals.

Savings drive growth of Islamic banking in Indonesia

Indonesia is seen as a natural fit with Islamic banking, finance and insurance. Indonesian Vice President Boediono states that the mobilization of domestic savings through Islamic banking is expected to help drive the growth of the Indonesian banking industry.
Gov. Darmin Nasution of the Bank of Indonesia predicted Islamic banking deposits in Indonesia to grow steadily over the next few years.

Malaysia, Indonesia to cooperate on Islamic finance

Central bankers from Malaysia, Indonesia have met in Jakarta on 18 July 2011 and discussed the need to improve cooperation in order to boost the development of Islamic finance in the two countries.
Governor Tan Sri Dr Zeti Akhtar Aziz of Bank Negara Malaysia and Governor Darmin Nasution of Bank Indonesia agreed on the need for joint initiatives to create an ‘enabling environment’.

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