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Dubai Chamber, Pearl Initiative co-host seminar on integrated reporting

The Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry's Centre for Responsible Business together with the Pearl Initiative organized a seminar on integrated reporting. The seminar was held in the Dubai Chamber's head office in Dubai on Wednesday 14th. Professionals in the areas of CSR, sustainability, finance and strategy occupied in listed companies, public sector, private companies, state-owned enterprises and family firms took part in the event. The major topic of the seminar was integrated reporting - what it was and what ossibilities there are to help businesses take more sustainable decisions. Also, means to enable investors and other stakeholders to understand how an organisation is really performing were discussed.

Dubai Chamber sustainability network task groups share achievements

In a seminar, organized by the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s Centre for Responsible Business, the progress of the different groups from the Sustainability Network Task Groups and their promised deliverables and achievements were discussed with the business community. Since the launch in April this year, the aim of the groups was to provide initiatives and resources for the business community on Workplace Wellness, Community Investment, Employee Volunteering, Waste Management & Resource Efficiency, and Integrating CSR. Considerable progress of the groups was pointed out with the note that the task groups are doing a good job in providing businesses insight into strategical implementation of specific CSR and Sustainability practices in business.

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CSR more important than ever for businesses: Dubai Chamber

Taking into consideration the increasingly shaped by a company’s reputation and impact on the environment consumers choise, the need to adopt sustainable business practices is more important than ever.
The Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s Sustainability Network has the goal to advance corporate social responsibility, or CSR, across the UAE by bringing together top business executives to network, share experience and demonstrate CSR leadership.
The pressure to act is coming from stakeholders, employees, customers, governments, investors, the media, and society in general.

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