National Bonds Corporation

National Bonds unveils findings of financial health check for Q3 2016

National Bonds Corporation, a Shari'ah-compliant savings and investment company in the #UAE, announced the results of its financial health check for Q3 2016. The survey found that the majority of the UAE’s residents are yet to sign up for Takaful coverage while only a minority is covered by traditional insurance. Within the UAE national pool of respondents, 89% admitted to not being insured against disabilities through Takaful in contrast to 11% that have traditional coverage against disabilities. The financial health check also charted the financial stability of participants. The results of the present survey are encouraging and indicate that 67% of UAE nationals and 72% of expat residents plan to pay off their liabilities and become debt free by end of this year.

Dubai Public Prosecution to adopt My Savings initiative

'My Savings' is a new initiative announced by the Government of Dubai in collaboration with National Bonds Corporation. During the introductory session on the goals and mechanism of the initiative, National Bonds elaborated on the benefits and advantages of the employee savings programme. The presentation was attended by senior officials,human resource directors and employees from Dubai Public Prosecution who confirmed their support for the initiative. Dubai Public Prosecution employees who opt to participate in the Shari'a compliant 'My Savings' programme will specify a fixed amount to be set aside from their salaries every month as part of their savings and Takaful plan with National Bonds Corporation. Moreover, the initiative also offers employees a 10% discount on Takaful family coverage programmes, as well access to free consultations pertaining to income management and financial planning.

SHUAA, National Bonds ink alliance

SHUAA Capital and National Bonds Corporation have signed a memorandum of understanding to set up a strategic alliance.
SHUAA Capital will provide financial advisory, brokerage, and investment management services to National Bonds Corporation in the UAE and the broader Middle East and North Africa region. Both alliances will launch a number of initiatives to develop their respective customer bases and further National Bonds's mission of promoting a culture of savings in the UAE and wider GCC.

Saving up attractively and securely

National Bonds Corporation has announced a profit of 3.78 per cent for its bond holders despite a challenging year in 2010.
The CEO of the leading Shariah compliant saving scheme in the UAE, discussed a variety of subjects concerning the National Bonds and their customers as well as plans for 2011 and beyond.

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