Mahinda Rajapakse

Amana Investments: The torchbearer of Islamic banking in Sri Lanka

Amana Investments Ltd. has been the torchbearer of Islamic banking in Sri Lanka for almost the last two decades. In that time the parent company also established a Takaful (Islamic insurance) subsidiary, Amana Takaful, in a joint venture with Syarikat Takaful Malaysia and Amana Capital. At the helm at Amana are Chairman Osman Kassim and Managing Director and CEO Faizal Salieh, arguably the two most seasoned Islamic bankers in the country.
Last month, President and Finance Minister Mahinda Rajapakse and the Central Bank of Sri Lanka granted a full commercial banking license to Amana Investments Ltd. to set up Amana Bank, which is scheduled to start full operations later this year. The bank is headquartered in Colombo and has 13 branches in the west and east of the country as well as one in the south, in Galle, that are being converted into fully fledged branches of Amana Bank.

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