Harvard University

For $83,000, Harvard teaches rich kids how to do good (and make money)

In collaboration with the World Economic Forum, Harvard University and the University of Zurich have launched a course called "Impact Investing for the Next Generation". In this context, that generation means the heirs to some of capitalism's greatest fortunes. Participants had to pass an interview before paying up to $US12,000 ($17,240) for a week of classes in the US and Switzerland, not including airfares and board.

Islamic finance industry grew by 24.4% & global Sukuk issuance increased by more than 60% in 2011

The National Commercial Bank has recently cooperated in the Islamic Finance Forum coordinated by Harvard University in the United States of America. The forum is a praised annual event that gathers top scholars, researchers and analysts, with economists and industry leaders in Islamic Finance from around the world.
Being at its tenth session this year, the forum's agenda was centered on discussing the role of Islamic finance in the global economic development, underlining the latest challenges facing the growth of the industry and defining the competitiveness and opportunities inherent in Islamic finance as a potential alternative for the conventional financial system.

KFH: Strategic partnership with Islamic Finance Project at Harvard University

The Islamic Finance Program (IFP) Manager at Harvard University Nazem Ali stated that Kuwait Finance House achievements in numerous projects and its innovation in the Shariah compliant products and services that it offers are taught to the students and researchers taking part in the IFP at the University.
After meeting several Legal Department employees at KFH the diversification in KFH's operation fields is an important source of studies in the forum that is associated with the IFP that the university has been organizing for the past nine years.

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