Al khaliji directors' board discusses IBQ merger move

Al khaliji Board of Directors discussed the latest developments with regard to the possible merger with IBQ and other matters. Other agendas like strategic and governance items were also reviewed.
Al Khalij Commercial Bank (al khaliji) QSC was incorporated on January 9, 2007 as a Qatari Shareholding Company under Commercial Registration No. 34548.
It operates from its head office and three branches in Qatar, one branch in France and four branches in the United Arab Emirates.

Central Bank begins issuing Islamic CDs

The UAE Central Bank started issuing the country's first Islamic certificates of deposits (ICDs) as part of a plan to create a new investment tool for Shariah-compliant banks in the country.
The new ICDs would be issued in dirham, US dollar and euro and their maturity date would range between one week and five years.

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