Middle East Sukuk Investors Allocated only 2% of Malaysian 30Y Sukuk

Middle East buyers took up only 2% of the 30 year sovereign Sukuk issued by Malaysia (the 10 year issuance allocation consisted of 24% Middle East buyers). This low take up by Middle East can be read a few ways: 1. Sukuk primary subscribers remain hold to maturity investors, and a 30-year note was too long for Middle East buyers to commit to. 2. The drop in price of oil is hurting and Gulf investors are planning only up to a ten year horizon. 3. With the issuance being oversubscribed and attracting interest of over US$9 billion, Malaysia decided to be give Gulf investors only the shorter term ten year issuance. 3. CIMB and Standard Chartered did a great job of marketing to Asian buyers, whilst HSBC did a less stellar job in the Middle East market.