Two More Suspects in Bank Syariah Mandiri Fraud

Police have named two more suspects in an alleged Bank Syariah Mandiri scam implicating three bank officials, bringing the total number of suspects to six. The two latest suspects are Hen Hen Gunawan and doctor Rizky Adiansyah. Gunawan allegedly used the identity cards of his 26 employees to embezzle up to Rp 12.4 billion ($1.1 million) from the bank through its loan scheme. Rizky, meanwhile, allegedly borrowed ID cards of some of his neighbors to siphon Rp 12.2 billion from the bank. These two new suspects were ‘instructed’ by an accounting officer of the Bogor branch of BSM, John Lopulisa. John was earlier arrested, along with the head of BSM‘s primary branch in Bogor, M. Agustinus Masrie, the head of a smaller Bogor branch, Haerulli Hermawan, and Iyan Permana. The fraud is believed to have cost the bank Rp 59 billion.