Faith in Capitalism - 16th June 2009, 09:30 – 12:30, London

16th June 2009, 09:30 – 12:30
Islamic Cultural Centre - London Central Mosque, Regents
Park, London

Faith in Capitalism
A ground-breaking conference for financial representatives
of faith institutions and thoughtful investment management

Increasing awareness of the social impact of investment is
driving many thoughtful investors, especially private
clients, family offices, endowment funds and those having
strong faith values, towards a new philosophy of “Making
money and stewarding it responsibly”.

The morning’s presentations will include a Keynote Address
on “Faith in Capitalism” and panel discussions debating
“What does faith tell us about responsible investing?” and
“How can investors do good while making money?”

Do not miss this exceptional opportunity to gain a fresh,
inspirational perspective from renowned experts on
faith-based and sustainable investing. The conference will
be open to questions and comments from the audience, and
promises to be a uniquely informative event with
unprecedented opportunities for networking. There is no
charge to attend, thanks to the following sponsors:

· The Three Faiths Forum
· The International Interfaith Investment Group, 3iG
· The London Central Mosque and Islamic Cultural Centre
· The Fortune Group

To register your interest, simply complete and submit the
attached registration form and we will send you an
invitation and complete programme. Please note that
attendance to this event is by invitation only. As we
realise some of you might have difficulty to travel or to
make this particular date, you are welcome to propose a
colleague and encourage them to sign up. We will be
delighted to welcome them.

Katinka C. van Cranenburgh
Secretary General 3iG

tel: (+34) 655 1313 25
skype: katinka.van.cranenburgh - Barcelona

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