IDB approves USD789.4m for new Projects

The Board of Executive Directors of the Islamic Development Bank (IDB) has approved US $789.4 million to finance development projects in eleven member countries as well as education projects for Muslim communities in non-member countries. The BED approved US $220 million for the Turkey Development Bank program to finance renewable energy projects. Moreover, Uganda will benefit from US $120 million for the upgrading of road projects. The rest of the approvals include US $8 million for Niassa electrification project in Mozambique, US $7 million for a project on access to energy for rural communities in Togo and US $23.7 million to the government of Mali to address food insecurity in the country. The government of Pakistan received approval of US $35 million for the financing of the reconstruction of schools destroyed by the floods and US $19.8 million will go to a water supply project in Ouahigouya, Burkina Faso.