Senior Research Analyst

Key tasks in this position:
? Perform fundamental security analysis of companies through analysis of financial
statements, sector research, review of outside research and ongoing interaction
with companies.
? Write buy side Coverage Reports and Sector Reports with suitable investment
rationale, valuation comparison, risk assessment, and detailed analysis of potential
profitability and growth.
? Maintain detailed valuation models for companies: DCF, Relative Valuation, Sum of
Parts Valuation, etc., including in-depth financial statement analysis & forecast of
quarterly earnings.
? Prepare composite scorecards for companies based on key metrics; including
liquidity analysis and key revenue drivers.
? Build and update company financial forecast models, and carry out periodic model
audit reviews.
? Conduct macroeconomic & microeconomic country analysis; which includes
studying the industries, sectors, and the competitive landscape.
? Prepare presentations for pitching research ideas and attend analyst conferences.