above 10 years

Islamic Finance Research Analyst


· Primary responsibility of this position is to provide intelligent research on IF produced by the recruit himself. This will involve working on some breakthrough research and survey projects.

· In addition, this position will be responsible for collecting and distributing / publishing data and research to different functions within the IF team, within TR and to external bodies, so that the teams can produce the relevant analysis.

· Activities may include: contacting companies, compiling data; maintaining research databases; preparing analysis; applying research to the appropriate areas; adjusting spreads/prices based on analytics and developing relationships with internal and external clients.

· Responsible, under direction, for conducting specific analysis using their judgment, analytical ability, and experience in the financial markets.

Sr. Engineer - Corporate Credit

The Senior Engineer is required to:

· Manage the bank’s credit engineering function.

· Perform forensic audit of running projects.

· Assess costs to complete for distressed projects.

· Maintain high level contact in industry & market.

· Give senior management of the bank timely information on early warning signal / heads up signs etc.

In addition to above, the Senior Engineer’s day to day functions include:

· Assessing a contractor’s technical capability,

· Monitoring the technical progress of the project, and picking up signals of project lag/distress

· Investigate delay in payments of PPCs.

Head of Treasury - Treasury and Capital Markets

Job Summary:

To oversee the Treasury Division of the Bank and to ensure that the Division manages the Bank's profit rate, foreign exchange and liquidity risks within the limits and authorizations laid-down by the Board, Central Bank guidelines and other guidelines and authorizations issued by relevant committees.

Key Skills

Conceptual understanding of both Conventional structured products and Islamic finance.

VP, Head of Risk Takaful - Risk Management

Job Purpose:

To safeguard the organisation, its customers, reputation, assets and the interests of stakeholders by identifying and managing all threats to the achievement of its business objectives.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Design and implement an overall risk management process for the organisation.
Manage the process of identifying and assessing the risks affecting the business.
Oversee, and in some areas implement, the plan of risk control actions.
Monitor, evaluate and challenge the organisation’s success in managing its risks.
Organise appropriate risk reporting, internally and externally.

Head of Risk - Islamic Bank

International Division of an Islamic Bank based in UAE are seeking to recruit a Head of Risk Management who will report into the CIO for the International Business.

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