Adnan Ahmed Yousif

ABG acquires Al-Tawfeek shares

Albaraka Banking Group BSC (ABG) has purchased 60 percent of the issued shares of Al-Tawfeek Financial Group through its subsidiary in Bahrain, Al-Baraka Islamic Bank.
Adnan Ahmed Yousif, president and chief executive of ABG, stated that the procedures for consummating the acquisition are currently being finalized. He added that this acquisition endorses our strong commitment to the region despite the economic and political developments regionally and globally, which clearly prooves our financial soundness and successful strategy.

New megabank likely to be based in Bahrain

Adnan Ahmed Yousif, the chief executive of Al Baraka Bank, stated that discussions are still on about whether a long-touted $3bn Islamic megabank is going to be based in Bahrain or Qatar although a final decision has not yet been made.
It seems that it is more likely that the bank will be based in Bahrain.

Al Baraka signs $20 million agreement to finance international trade operations

Al Baraka Banking Group has signed an agreement for a Murabaha facility of $20 million to finance foreign trade with the International Islamic Trade Finance.
Adnan Ahmed Yousif, Board Member and President & Chief Executive of Al Baraka Banking Group, undelines the fact that this agreement comes within the framework of the Memorandum of Understanding signed with the International Islamic Trade Finance at the beginning of the year, and this agreement is one of the fruitful results of this Memorandum.

Mideast Banks Show Interest In Indonesian Shariah Financers

The Central bank of Indonesia estimates that the nation’s Islamic assets will improve by 55% this year.
That's why Albaraka Banking Group and Qatar Islamic Bank have a goal: to produce Shariah-compliant financers in Indonesia.
Chief executive Adnan Ahmed Yousif pointed out that Albaraka is ready to spend $100 million on an acquisition.
Indonesia has 11 full-fledged Islamic lenders and 23 other banks that offer Islamic services. The government want to begin selling short-term Islamic treasury bills for the first time in the second half of the year.

Kamel re-elected ABG chairman

The shareholders of the AlBaraka Banking Group re-elected Saleh Abdullah Kamel as the group’s chairman of the for another three year term during a meeting held at Sheraton Hotel on Wednesday. The shareholders’s meeting was attended by 91% of the group’s total shareholding.
The new board includes Saleh Abdullah Kamel, Abdullah A. Saudi, Abdullah Saleh Kamel, Saleh Mohammed Al Yousef, Adnan Ahmed Yousif, Anwar Ibrahim, Abdul Ellah Sabbahi, Ebrahim Fayez Al Shamsi, Yousif Ali Fadil bin Fadil, Jamal bin Ghalaita, Bassem I. Awadallah , Mohyedin Saleh Kamel, Fahad Abdullah Al-Rajhi.

AlBaraka: Algerian subsidiary posts strong results

Bahrain Tribune reported on 9 April that, Banque Albaraka D'Algerie, a subsidiary of Bahrain-based Albaraka Banking Group (ABG), announced a net income increase to USD 19 mn in 2007, which is a 34 % growth.

Mohammed Seddik Hafid, Board Member and General Manager of the bank. Adnan Ahmed Yousif is Chairman of the Board of Directors of Banque Albaraka D'Algerie and President and Chief Executive of Albaraka Banking Group.


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