Islamic bank injection to help Sharia-compliant products

A £20m capital injection into Islamic Bank of Britain will help develop more home loans in line with Sharia law, an expert from Defaqto has said. David Black, banking expert from Defaqto, said: “The £20m capital investment will enable the IBB to grow its Islamic mortgages. With some other banks recently reducing their involvement in Sharia loans in the UK, the IBB’s capital injection will provide fresh impetus for what will be a growth area.” Its products are structured in a different way to those provided by conventional banks. Instead of a traditional mortgage, customers pay monthly rent and purchase instalments over the agreed period to the bank on the basis of which the bank gradually sells its share of the property to the customer. The recent cash injection has meant IBB has launched two new home loans. “With a fresh injection of capital we are well placed to grow the business through our Home Purchase Plan products. The products will offer peace of mind for customers, both financially and spiritually, which is especially important in the holy month of Ramadan” , said Sultan Choudhury.

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