Dubai Islamic Bank (DIB) launches Al Islami FlexiBeta Dirham Certificate

Dubai Islamic Bank (DIB) has announced the launch of the Al Islami FlexiBeta Dirham Certificate, a two-year Islamic certificate, providing investors with exposure to either emerging market equities or gold, depending on market conditions. The Certificate is issued by Oasis Certificate Programme Limited, a Special Purpose Vehicle that has been set up and sponsored by Citigroup to provide investors with a wide range of customised Shari'ah-compliant investment solutions. The certificate uses a framework comprising of observation of recent price trends and a forward looking risk indicator to adjust allocation between two asset classes, equities and gold. Investors will enjoy a capital protection without tying all their capital for the whole investment period. They will receive 90% of their total investment within two weeks of the issue date, with returns based on the full investment amount. The certificate is denominated in UAE dirhams with a minimum investment of AED 100,000.