The Dallah Al-Baraka Seminar Endowment

This time last year, after Asharq Al-Awsat Riyadh attended the thirtieth Dallah al-Baraka Seminar on Islamic Finance, he wrote an article suggesting that Sheikh Saleh Kamel should establish an Islamic endowment for this seminar in order to ensure it continues after his passing because this forum no longer belongs just to Dallah al-Baraka or Sheikh Saleh Kamel but rather to the Muslim ummah as a whole. This seminar has become, through its research, decisions and fatwas, the primary reference for the Islamic ummah, with regards to the jurisprudence of Islamic financial transactions which the Muslim ummah suffers a lack of, whether this is with regards to experts in jurisprudence, scholarly references, or research centers. Today, after attending the 31st Dallah al-Baraka seminar where he met with Sheikh Saleh Kamel, he is delighted to inform you that the Sheikh has established an endowment for the seminar from his own financial resources in order to ensure the continuance of the seminar's work and support services. Furthermore, this seminar will publish its decisions and research, translated into other languages, in order to benefit all Muslims, as well as non-Muslims interested in the Islamic financial industry. The Dallah al-Baraka seminar is also launching a website, in different languages, where all previous and forthcoming research and decisions will be displayed. He would also like to propose that the seminar launch an annual prize for Islamic Shariaa quality to be granted to one Islamic financial institute and one Islamic Window at a conventional financial institute. In order to ensure that this award serves the purpose for which it was designed, standards must be clear, transparent, and available to the public. The members of the award committee must also be made up of a combination of scholars and independent professionals known for their integrity, as well as consulting firms and financial advisors.